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Raised Logos While exploring through our various options for what materials to use for our logo on new items, we ended up testing out something that is referred to as Raised/3D/Brick Vinyl.  Although there are many different versions out there, ranging from thickness to textures, we decided that this is the material category to use instead of our previous consideration to use flock vinyl.   Advantages & Disadvantages? This will depend on what you consider to be value
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New Products For Awesome Nation

21 May, 2017 - AN News, Fashion, New Products

Every new product needs to go through a development phase.  In order to introduce new products, we need to continuously test new designs until we are able to create a product which we are proud of and willing to wear ourselves before even considering offering it to everyone else.

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Creating The Awesome Box

21 April, 2017 - AN News

For the past year, we've kept a question open with regards to the type of packaging we would be interested in having for our beanies for any type of indoor display.  Traditionally, companies simply lay them out on a table or hang them on hooks, but we thought that there could be another

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The Awesome Race

28 November, 2016 - AN News, Events, Trends

Hey guys,

So guess what?

We are now in the initial planning phase of introducing a new event concept for everyone to participate in.  And just as the title of this post reads, it will be called "The AWESOME Race".

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