AN Race Banner Design

January 04, 2017 - AN News, Events, Trends

Happy New Year to everyone!

Over the Christmas break I decided to work a bit (I know...I know...the problem is that when ideas and inspirations come to you, you never know when that will happen)....but at least I came up with some things I thought were really cool and interesting to share.

I wanted to create the design of our event banners for our Awesome Race concept. 

It's basically the thing that people will be looking for when they are competing in our race this year!

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The Awesome Race

November 28, 2016 - AN News, Events, Trends

Hey guys,

So guess what?

We are now in the initial planning phase of introducing a new event concept for everyone to participate in.  And just as the title of this post reads, it will be called "The AWESOME Race".

So just what it is and what does it entail?

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