The Awesome Race

November 28, 2016 - AN News, Events, Trends

Hey guys,

So guess what?

We are now in the initial planning phase of introducing a new event concept for everyone to participate in.  And just as the title of this post reads, it will be called "The AWESOME Race".

So just what it is and what does it entail?

To put in simplest terms, its a combination of things - a race competition mixed with secret stops, scattered prizes and a chance to donate to charity simply by just participating. You will immerse yourself in a unique social experience (designed by us!) and get a chance to meet over 250 members within your city. 

But just so you know, it will challenge you, but in a fun and interactive way and you will be rewarded every step of the way by our cool sponsors.

And if that wasn't enough, we will finish the day with a private party in the evening!

We are excited to present this new concept and even more excited to create new memories with everyone.

More information to come as we introduce this new series of events in 2017!

-The Awesome Team

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