AWESOME Raised Logos On Clothing

January 08, 2018 - AN News, Fashion, New Products

Raised Logos

While exploring through our various options for what materials to use for our logo on new items, we ended up testing out something that is referred to as Raised/3D/Brick Vinyl.  Although there are many different versions out there, ranging from thickness to textures, we decided that this is the material category to use instead of our previous consideration to use flock vinyl.


Advantages & Disadvantages?

This will depend on what you consider to be value added to a particular item.  While this material looks and works well for our logo on caps and sweatshirts, it may be difficult for other brands to try to use this material depending on the complexity of their logos, which is a valid reason for deciding whether to use it or not.  This type of vinyl is also on the premium end with regards to costs - not only does it cost more per square meter, it's also a bit more difficult to cut and work with, so perfecting the process of how to apply it to items is crucial.  One major difference from our previous choice is a super simple and more of an after-effect from the first samples received.  Basically, although flock is a furry/fuzzy material that feels nice, its property may attract more fuzzy materials.  So dark flock may collect light particles, which light flock may collect dark particles and stick to the material.  We want people to have an item that's ready to wear and not requiring continuous maintenance by having to use a sticky roller to remove particles, so this is the reason as to why we changed our minds on which vinyl material to use moving forward.


But after all is done and we look at our final garments, we end up with a feeling of satisfaction knowing that we will be providing a quality item that mirrors our objectives.


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