Creating The Awesome Box

April 21, 2017 - AN News

For the past year, we've kept a question open with regards to the type of packaging we would be interested in having for our beanies for any type of indoor display.  Traditionally, companies simply lay them out on a table or hang them on hooks, but we thought that there could be another way to do it - which could maybe be unique for our beanies. 


After debating whether to use a box, paper wrapping, plastic bags or a mix of these things, we decided to come up with our unique box.


But in order for that design to be created 3 things needed to happen:


1. The initial idea sparked when thinking about the different types of boxes we've encountered in the past, and the one that stood out a lot was the one we used to see when we were growing up eating animal cracker snacks.  I remember looking over the pictures and its content while eating, similar to the way you read the side of a box while you would eat your cereals (if that's what you would have while watching your cartoons on a Saturday morning). The main issue with the animal cracker box idea was that there still needed to be a way for us to be able to see the patch and color of the hat, without necesarily exposing the entire hat.     


2. The second thing that happened was the initial conversation about the animal cracker box while walking in Manhattan with my friend William.  Every single time we're in the city, we tend to walk around endlessly, eating a few slices of pizza at 3 Bros Pizza and coming across random things.  While in search of vacuum bags, you know...the ones you use to suck out the air so you can fit more in your suitcase or closet, we ended up at The Container Store.   While walkign through the isles, William quickly spotted a cupcake box and said..."hey...isn't this similar to what you were talkign about?"...I was floored...I thought.."Yeah...something similar to that...but maybe not so bulky and with a rectangular hole and maybe with a side opening so you can see the color of the beanie".  But all these "but maybe" comments simply made me think that it would take a bit longer to come up with one good design that would not cost too much to produce.  After this...the idea was put on hold for a few months.


3.  The final piece of the puzzle came up when looking through my Christmas gifts one year later.  I had received a gift card box, which had a box sleeve within the box.  I was curious to know if there was anything else inside so I took it apart and was just left with the sleeve which had the gift card in the middle.  I thought..."wait...what if the card was the patch? Maybe we can create a sleeve and have an opening like the cupcake box.  But only this time without a plastic...just a hole.  But should it be a sleeve just around the middle with some of the hat coming out on the sides or cover the width of the hat so you could still see the side?"  At this point...I figured...that the only way to know would be to go through a trial and error, cutting and pasting, measuring, re-calculating and printing, and repeating the process over and over.


After 20 different boxes and printing designs, we finally came up with the one seen above.  


Basically, the goal behind this post is simple....although you may not have a solid thought right from the start...keep ideas you can't implement right away in the back of your mind....because you may be able to come up with something even better in the future after mixing different ideas.  It's all a question of creativity and getting inspiration from the things around us and past experiences! 



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