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May 21, 2017 - AN News, Fashion, New Products

Every new product needs to go through a development phase.  In order to introduce new products, we need to continuously test new designs until we are able to create a product which we are proud of and willing to wear ourselves before even considering offering it to everyone else. It's this continous need to perfect which will ensure we are able to come with quality items.


To help with the design phase, we've decided to test screen printing - which is the printing technique in which you pass ink through a pattern on a stencil-like mesh. 


In the picture above, you are able to see our very first screen with the AN logo. With this item, we can test our logo on items such as T-shirts, Sweatshirts and bags.


You can read a bit more about it by reading this Wiki page: Screen Printing



screen print products



But since we will test new products within the next coming weeks, we will also test the creation of Snapback and 5 Panel caps.  Every new product will have the AWESOME logo or flag incorporated on the design, so whether it's the logo on its own or hidden somewhere within the design, our goal is to create relevant products that can help spread our message.


We'll look forward to introducing these new items in the weeks to come.



- The Awesome Team


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