November 27, 2017 - AN News, Fashion, New Arrivals, New Products

So what is flock? 

Basically, it's this fuzzy, maybe a tad furry feeling material you sometimes find on toys and even on clothing. 

But what's really cool about it is that it gives clothing a different dimension and feel to them rather than the traditional ink you find on garments.  Over the past few weeks, we have been looking into this material and whether it would be a good fit to consider on future clothing products.  Although this method of producing a final garment requires many different steps, the overall outcome is very unique. 

For this reason, we felt that it could be cool to use this material on snapback caps and ended up with this sample as our final result.   So what do you think?  

We think it might also be great to test this material on other future items, such as Sweatshirts and maybe on our T-Shirts.  Once we have another sample we will definitely share the images with everyone.  Next step is to have a photoshoot with one of our models to see what cool images we can come up with! 

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